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Research Reports

  • Our top-down investment approach is complemented by bottoms-up research on selected companies in attractive long-term investment destinations.
  • Plus: analyses of pronounced discrepancies between market prices and fair value.


Essays & Features

We have written a number of easy-to-understand and concise papers on key topics relating to our investment strategy.

Below you find a list of these papers plus additional references and links.

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Blog Topics

A couple of ongoing stories are covered in our blog, with updated information added on a regular basis.

Current top themes are "The UBS Story" and "Degussa Gold"


Additional Resources

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Research reports

Monthly Commodities Updates

Earlier analyses related to option writing strategies in predecessor portfolios of the Managing Partners. That part of our research was discontinued given the more stringent focus of the Bernstein Value & Income Portfolio.

Essays & Features

The Ten Commandments

There are proven, fundamental investment strategies that have worked well in the past and will work well in the future; in that sense there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Our value added are the modernization and yield enhancing features of these strategies. All this is condensed into the following “10 commandments”. Read more...

The Future of Private Banking

Based on the experience managing our own funds we have identified a clear need of both individual and other non-institutional investors to optimize the efficiency and cost structure of their portfolios. In the current low-yield environment management and transaction fees have actually become an ever more deciding factor in the actual net performance of one’s holdings. Read more...

Are you an investor or a speculator?

If you read our curated ten investment commandments, you will get the flavor what in our view makes a good investment and hence a good investor.
What on the other hand is a “speculator”, so commonly and widely blamed for all unwelcome market distortions? Read more...

Diversified Investments and Averaging

The search for answers to the question how, when and where to invest, represents the essence of the term “asset allocation”, commonly used in investment speak. Financial advisors of any type perceive their ability to provide those answers, reflecting on the individual circumstances of the investor, as a key component of their value added. Read more...

Rent or Buy?

When to rent? And when to buy?

Investments & Taxation

Talking briefly about taxation a subject which is quite hard to tackle in general terms. First, it is mainly driven by the country of residence of the investor and then whether he or she holds the assets directly as a private individual and/or in an investment company, trust and the like. How to set this up should be best handled between the investor and the tax advisor involved. Read more...

Blog Topics

The UBS Story & UBS Deutschland

A blog feature illustrating key aspects of the Swiss and international world of private banks taking the example of the biggest private bank in the world, the UBS Group and UBS Deutschland in particular.

Degussa Gold

A blog feature illustrating key aspects of investments in physical gold, taking the example of one of the biggest players in that market, Degussa Gold and its main competitors.

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