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Accumulating Interest - Cash Deposit Certificates


Investor Fact Sheet

Accumulate capital, also …

Our short-term investment certificates allow you to very flexibly place cash with us. The longer you keep it the more interest you obtain. At the same time it is entirely available to you for repayment at the end of each month.

Short-term & flexible

The current initial rates for USD are 4.5%, for EUR 2.5%. For each year you keep the money you receive a bonus of 1.0% (up to a maximum of 8.0%, the target rate for our long-term investments).

Much better performance

If you keep a balance of EUR 25k at any EU bank you are lucky to receive any interest at all. If you keep it for five years at 1.0% you get back EUR 26.3k. With the AIC-DC you receive EUR 31.1k (including accumulated bonus interest) - close to 20% more!!

A way to try us out

As an incentive to get started we offer a 2% bonus after the three-month trial period even if you just ask for your money back or even a 5% bonus if you start investing in the BVIP for the long-term!

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A very simple investment

If you are interested in the AIC-DC product you have simply to fill in a straightforward subscription form. The terms are again very simple: you can withdraw any amount invested at the end of each calendar month. There is absolutely no restriction and no penalty interest if you withdraw the money. Any bonus interest earned by you will be fully paid out to you with no questions asked whatsoever.

Investment Approach and Horizon

Short-term (one month)

Invested money is available on very short notice, i.e. at the end of each calendar month.

Accumulated bonus

For each year the money stays with us, you receive a 1% bonus interest. Example:

Giving you 20% more over five years

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