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Low cost, low tax, high performance investments

Who we are:

  • Specialised investment management boutique
  • Offices in Switzerland, Estonia and the United States

Our Main Objectives

  • Generate above-average value and income in diversified, low cost investment portfolios 
  • Support you for better decisions and better service in private banking and optimize your overall investment framework

Diversified Investments

  • Bernstein Value & Income Portfolio
  • Accumulating Interest - Cash Deposit Certificates

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Who we are:

Investing & Structuring

As a deliberately small and hence focused, dedicated partnership our key focus is helping our clients to invest through our two fund products, one for (expected) shorter durations, the other for a long-term oriented investment strategy. The ultimate benefit of the returns to our investors will also depend significantly on the frame within which those returns are received. Accordingly, we like to cover both the actual investment process as well as supporting you with the set-up and management of an appropriate conduit for your assets.

International Presence

Our headquarter is based in Tallinn, Estonia – Europe‘s leading electronic banking centre – offering low taxation and a very favorable business climate. Our subsidiary Bernstein Financial Inc. is directly active in Miami. A full service representative office in Switzerland provides personalised and direct access to our team and resources.

Our Main Objectives

Intelligence on private banks

Our main objective is to help investors make better decisions when establishing a private banking relationship and investing capital. For that matter, we provide guidance on costs, service levels, data protection, performance, compliance and other relevant criteria for private bank selection.

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Generate value & income - short-term & long-term

In addition to the advisory side, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with low-cost, flexible access to our two investment products: 1) the Bernstein Value & Income Portfolio (“BVIP”), a long-term oriented vehicle following our core investment principles (see "Ten Commandments") and 2) the Accumulating Interest - Cash Deposit Certificates ("AI-CDC"), an innovative, flexible product for short-term cash investments.

Additional Services

Private Banking Advisory

The Managing Partners of Bernstein Trust are clients of private banks themselves. However, they have restricted their use to bare essentials, i.e. custody services, transfer & clearing services, cash handling and safe-keeping where necessary. Overall - based on their own experience, interviews with other clients of private banks and additional research - when it comes to the actual investment management and advisory part, most private banks offer a mediocre to lousy service, notably when compared to the costs and fees involved. To select the better performers and to help you reduce your fees ...

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Family Office Set-Up in Estonia

A significant number of wealthy individuals and families have in-sourced asset management and administration services, setting up a dedicated team of investment managers, tax advisors and other support staff, serving their needs in a comprehensive and integrated manner.

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Business Support

Bernstein will organize and develop domestic and/or international business structures to selectively diversify operations and provide an appropriate corporate set-up for structured global investments.

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Risk Management

Corporate risk is complex – ranging from macro issues such diverse as inflation, weather, currency & interest rates, politics/tax, raw material costs to micro-issues such as D&O, product liability and health hazards.

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Derivatives Trading

To implement our structured solutions, we maintain accounts with most leading derivatives brokers in the US, the UK and Scandinavia. This allows us to channel each trade for our clients through the most cost-efficient intermediary.

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Trust Services

As an institution serving our clients with honesty and integrity, Bernstein is often selected as the essential partner of choice for fiduciary relationships.

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