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How to Invest - Introduction

Before deciding whether it makes sense to invest together some important steps…


Are you an optimist?

That is an important question and we would be very interested to hear your honest answer. Why? Unless you think that despite its shortcomings (wars, poverty, inequality, pollution) the world is ultimately going to be a better place in 20-30 years you will struggle with becoming and - even more so staying - an investor.





Investor or Speculator?


Overall I am optimistic about the world



Investment horizon?


Start to invest …

What are our reasons to be optimistic about the world and investing … ?

Getting the best out of unpredictable, changing environments

Let me write a bit about a recent business trip to Cyprus. I had three I investor meetings there (which I handled in one and half days) but decided to stay on for a week to have a good time with my girlfriend. It was our first time on Cyprus and we had quite high expectations having read a bit about the island before. In that sense we were optimists - things did not turn out that way though. Weather you can hardly predict in the Mediterranean in April (it was mixed to poor), the hotel was rather good but slightly boring and lacking a real heartfelt atmosphere. The worst however was that most existing and upcoming buildings on the island are horrendous. An overall atmosphere of a building site which will end in disaster.

Positive thinking generates positive returns

It certainly affected us but we did not let It control our moods. We focused on everything positive and used the rainy days either for trips with the car or focusing and working on our ideas and projects. In the end we achieved a very positive return out of the trip, discovered some very beautiful spots and look back at it with happiness. You can find more on that trip on our Instagram account @BernsteinVIP.

More positive now and interested in going further?

I know there will be bad weather, difficult situations and unpleasant surprises, for sure, but ultimately I am 1000% convinced we will all be better off in the future. That is why I am an optimist, that is why I became an investor.