The Future Of Private Banking


Bernstein Asset Advisory


Based on the experience managing our own funds we have identified a clear need of both individual and other non-institutional investors to optimize the efficiency and cost structure of their portfolios. In the current low-yield environment management and transaction fees have actually become an ever more deciding factor in the actual net performance of one’s holdings.


Furthermore, increasing demands for transparency and tax compliance by banking institutions in most relevant jurisdictions require both timely and structured attention. The traditional, tax-driven off-shore banking will be essentially phased out over the next 12-18 months, triggering the need to fully declare existing funds and income.


Against this background, Bernstein helps you to design tailor-made solutions to a) optimize the cost structure of your investments and b) make them fully tax-compliant. The latter is supported by making efficient use of the straightforward and advantageous tax environment in Estonia, a member country of both EU and NATO.


As an important other consideration, Estonia has a first-rate banking system consisting of the local subsidiaries of Swedbank, SEB and Nordea providing access to custody and brokerage services.


We support you in moving your funds to appropriate local banks and/or hold them via an Estonian holding company at an international banking institution of your choice. Future investment income can be 100% declared but also 100% kept in that holding company.


Please contact our Managing Director Felix T.M. Schauerte ( to arrange for a briefing on our services.