Bernstein – Long-Term Trends

It is neither possible nor advisable to shift through millions of news items every day in order to determine or to adjust your investment strategy. Reacting to the unpredictable swings of the market isn’t advisable either. It is just the wrong information diet.

The key is to identify and invest in profitable companies with a simple business model which will benefit from long-term changes in the world we live in.
We have identified 10 trends which we are convinced will (unavoidably!!!) alter our lives over the next 20-30 years.

Here are the trends we have identified:

1. The “Sunshine” Economy
2. Body-Computer Integration
3. Erosion of Governments and Private Safety
4. Individualized mass communication
5. Panem et circensis
6. Population shifts
7. Society segmentation
8. “Concerned” capitalism
9. The Internet of Everything
10. Countertrends


I will write in more detail about those one by one in the future. It would be interesting to hear from you if there are any trends you are seeing ... Enjoy the beautiful spring day - the weather in Moscow (where I am right now) is perfect ))

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