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How to Invest - Step 4

Before deciding whether it makes sense to invest together some important steps…


Yes - you are an optimist





Overall I am optimistic about the world


Yes - you are an investor




I consider myself an investor. I am disciplined and want to protect my capital and grow it steadily


Yes to long-term investment





I see the benefits of investing steadily with a long-term horizon


Start to invest


Are you ready to start embarking on a joint investment journey with us?




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If you are not ready yet, let us give you some additional information …

Beating the crowds …

Our main motivation is offering you a way to invest your money wisesly and start saving in a regular, disciplined way. New members to our investment community are welcomed with open arms. When you just started to generate disposable income we want to be your first port of call. If you have already invested but are unhappy with the outcome we are more than happy getting you out of the costly, non-transparent and hypocrite world of private and commercial banking, out of ill-advised mutual fund investments, out of commission-driven brokerage accounts or out of mispriced derivative investments.

Alternative ways to get started…

Investors who prefer to benefit directly from applying our investment principles should join us as investors in the Bernstein Value & Income Portfolio (“BVIP”). The investments can be either effected as one-off payments or (resonating well with a cornerstone of our investment philosophy) monthly investment contributions.

Short-term trial option

Investors who are not ready yet for a longer-term commitment should look at our short-term deposit certificates. The minimum initial investment is USD/EUR 2.500 with a three month term. The yield on USD is currently 4.5%, on EUR 2.5%. As an incentive to get started we offer a 2% bonus after the three-month trial period even if you just ask for your money back or 5% if you start investing in the BVIP. We also waive our usual 4% subscription fee on your initial investment.


I am positive. Let me have a look at your trial offer