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How to Invest - Step 2


Before deciding whether it makes sense to invest together some important steps…


Yes - you are an optimist?





Overall I am optimistic about the world



Investor or Speculator?


An investor is interested in generating attractive long-term real returns by following a disciplined, continuous and cost-efficient strategy of buying shares and/or bonds issued by companies with a sustainable business model at time-averaged prices, ideally holding those assets forever.





Investment horizon


I consider myself an investor. I am disciplined and want to protect my capital and grow it steadily



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What is the difference between an investor and a speculator?

Definition by Benjamin Graham

“The reader can test his own psychology by asking himself whether he would consider, in retrospect, the selling at 156 in 1925 and buying back at 109 in 1931 was a satisfactory operation. Some may think that an intelligent investor should have been able to sell out much closer to the high of 381 and to buy back nearer the low of 41. If that is your own view you are probably a speculator at heart and will have trouble keeping to true investment precepts while the market rushes up and down.”

High risks, unpredictable results, better off buying a lottery ticket

What is Graham trying to say? A speculator is someone who is either completely confident or at least hopes that he or she has found a clear winner, returning the invested capital many times over. For her or for him it is not enough to grow one's capital steadily and quite predictably. The motivation is to make money quick and with little effort. The issue here is that the approach is more like buying a lottery ticket - if you are lucky, you win big. Most time, as you perfectly know, you loose the value of the ticket, i.e. all your money invested.

Occasionally, speculation pays off. We are ready to help but still recommend investing for the long-term

Why are we presenting this? Investing is our core mission and we hope it is going to become yours. Occasionally though, you may be convinced that a major market move is going to occur. In that case feel free to consult with us – we help you implement the appropriate instruments to make a fortune in case you are proven right.


Overall I consider myself as an investor, not a speculator