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Some answers to frequently asked questions on completing the investment process…

How and when can I stop investing and withdraw any funds invested?

Even if you commit for a period of > 10 years we will gladly return your money at the end of each calendar month. Furthermore, if you decided to skip on any monthly payment for whatever reason you are free to do that. We will not keep you unless you are completely satisfied with our ways of handling the funds you entrusted with us and the performance we will continue to deliver.

Is my money safe?

We are not going to give you false information by telling you that your money is as safe with us as it would be in any government bond. In the end of the day it is a matter of trust. We encouraged you to trust us by a) being completely open about our approach b) sharing our experiences in life and investing on this website and in social media (we especially recommend to follow Felix on Instagram - @bernsteinvip and c) giving you a straightforward legal framework within which we will handle your funds (more on this under Legal) and on the subscription agreement we will jointly take care of. Last but not least we are co-investing with you both in the BVIP and AIC-DC fund programs. So our money works side-by-side with yours. We are in the same boat with you.

How can I get information on my investment?

We publish quarterly performance reports and publish the value of the BVIP units at the end of each month on our website and in social media. We also provide you with a comprehensive annual report on our performance and the composition of the fund.

How can I sell my investment?

You can either withdraw your investment at the end of each calendar month (see above) or sell the investment units within a period of two days following the publishing of the unit value on our website (usually within seven working days after the end of each month).